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Nearly seventy thousand tourists invade England each day, a nation that Once ruled the world and high seas and gifted us the language of English! England remains one of the most popular destinations both economically and political. Millions are drawn to the frenetic bustle of its epic cities, the irresistible charm of London its capital, the historical attractions of places such as Salisbury, York and Chester, and the rural splendor of the Lake District. You could even have a date with your favorite celebrity at Madam Tussaud’s. Then there is the traditional England of rolling green fields, quaint villages and tweed wearing locals. Here the English still champion the gentlemen’s game of cricket ensuring their three meals and tea!.Tourists would get a blast from the past when they flock to the rural towns and villages of Dorset and Somerset. While the country may no longer be the world’s premier imperial power, its lively monarchy and royal legacy still captures world imagination. England’s football clubs with their fans spread across the globe need no introduction. Here’s something for you from Shakespeare himself: “Heaven take thy soul, and England keep my bones!”

As children most of us loved to believe in the mythical creature of Unicorn. Well unicorn is the official animal of a country famous for noisy Bagpipes,swirling kilts and whiskey! There’s certainly more to Scotland in the form of shimmering lochs and mountains shrouded in mist, vast purple swathes of heather, weather-beaten cliffs and broad, sandy coves. The landscape is dotted with dramatic fairy-tale castles, ruined abbeys, fascinating historic cities and picturesque villages. Fans of the famous TV series “outlander” could attest to that with a smile. Made up of 730 islands and with a population only one tenth that of neighboring England, Scotland manages to cram into its tiny frame some of the most spectacular scenery and most engrossing historical sites on earth – good things surely come in small packages!. What is even more incredible is its culture that produced some of the world’s greatest writers, architects, artists and inventors (Scots were responsible for such innovations as TV and the telephone). Its capital,Edinburgh enjoys a unique stature on the world tourist map, Every August it comes to life with the world’s most fascinatingly eclectic festival of the arts, comprising the Fringe – the world’s premier comedy and alternative theater event. Go west and lose yourself the bigger ,bustling and exciting city of Glasgow. Nature has blessed this land with a misty almost magical demeanor. Its rocky peaks and islands bear a testimony to that.City of Inverness and Aberdeen will help you unlock these areas.Trekking across these mountains would be a high even for seasoned adventure junkies. Make your own roads as you traverse through the exhilarating wilderness. Who knows you could catch a glimpse of the elusive Loch Ness Monster!

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