Neighbored by Germany and Belgium is a low lying land land of tulips, Van Gogh and magic mushrooms!. Popularly known as Holland, the country houses the judicial capital of the world Hague and its “hippie” capital Amsterdam. One of the most densely populated yet highly liberal nation has 20% of it below water. However the ingenuity of the Dutch has made dikes and windmills a part of popular imagination along with the bright color -Orange!! Windmills at dusk, the cities of Delft, Alkmaar and the Hague all have their own distinctive charms and are less chaotic than the Dutch capital. Growing in popularity with visitors is the town of Maastricht in the far south, historically known for the Maastricht treaty. Amsterdam, is clearly the country’s Kohinoor. Most visitors going to the city think red light district and a liberal attitude towards drugs – however, this delightful city has far more to offer than mere titillation. The Rijksmuseum, packed with priceless paintings, will appeal to culture aficionados. Holland has a lot to offer to the nature lovers. Movie buffs can vividly remember Amitabh romancing poetically in the worlds largest garden Keukenhof Tulpen Garden, from the classic “Silsila”. The Wadden Islands of the north bustles with yachting enthusiasts, while the notoriously flat lands make biking fun. So, pack your bags and Gimme Red!!… Err Orange.

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