“Bonjour et Bienvenue”… To the land of food, fashion, fragrance and cinema!! Though incredibly romantic, France is more than a love affair. It’s an experience of lifetime, an experience you would love to repeat. Paris is without one of the world’s greatest metropolis,with enough monuments, museums, restaurants, theaters and shows to last a lifetime. Even though Paris is incredibly addictive you must to drag yourself away,to discover the rest of France. A country that gave birth to ideas of “liberty, equality and fraternity”, also runs the world fastest bullet train. Normandy and Brittany are imbued with world war era history, while the Loire Valley is renowned for its châteaux and the French Riviera’s Nice is the epitome of chic. Meanwhile winter and mountain sports enthusiasts flock to the country’s resorts in its five mountain ranges, namely the Alps, the Pyrenees, Jura, Vosges and Massif Central. Then there is the food and wine – France’s gastronomic center is Lyon where the world’s finest chefs create magic.France makes up to 150 varieties of cheese, try saying that (” cheese”) when to Monlisa at Louvre. Raise a toast to life with some fizz in Champagne, still thirsty for deeper indulgence? How about some premium wine from Bordeaux. A long sojourn in France will infect you with famous French dedication for everything best, whether wine, fashion or culture. Let the love affair begin.

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