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Lugano Swissminiatur

  • Swissminiatur is located in Melide, a 7 minute train ride from Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Spanning an area of 14,000 sqm the park boasts of more than 120 miniature models of all the Swiss attractions like the Matterhorn, Jungfrau, the Chapel Bridge, Chillon Castle, cathedrals and other buildings of Switzerland. The Park also has a self service restaurant serving Indian cuisine.


  • There are dedicated children’s areas in the park and coin operated exciting rides to keep them entertained.
  • Nature lovers are in for a treat because the park is surrounded by 1500 varieties of plants with 15,000 different kinds of flowers.
  • There are 18 miniature trains running on 3.5km railway track across the park and stop at various miniature stations. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the park is a paradise for modern railways fans.
  • The park has restaurants as well as lovely picnic spots. The restaurants serve local and Asian cuisine
  • The park houses 120 models which are perfect replicas at the scale of 1:25 of the most important buildings in Switzerland, mansions, patrician houses, castles, churches and many such structures.

Opening hours

Park Timings: 19th Mar - 6th Nov 2022 - 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs


Any refunds or claims will be done in India against presentation of this voucher within 15 days of service offered with 15% cancellation. Our liability is limited to maximum amount charged against this voucher.

Price Table

Prices in Swiss Francs Adult Child (06 – 15) Child (00 – 06) Sr. Citizen (65+)
Full Fare Entrance 19.50 12.50 Free 15.50
Swiss Travel Pass 14 9 Free 11

** All prices are in CHF


Adult - Full Fare Entrance CHF 19.50
Child (06 – 15) - Full Fare Entrance CHF 12.50
Child (00 - 06) - Full Fare Entrance CHF Free
Senior Citizen ( 65+) - Full Fare Entrance CHF 15.50
Adult - Swiss Travel Pass CHF 14
Child (06 – 15) - Swiss Travel Pass CHF 9
Child (00 - 06) - Swiss Travel Pass CHF Free
Senior Citizen (65+) - Swiss Travel Pass CHF 11
Select total number of passengers including children   Travel Date 
Product Name Product Price
CHF19.50 INR 1863