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Swiss Museum Of Transport, Lucerne

The Swiss Museum of Transport presents the past, present and future development of transport and mobility on road, rail, water, air and space. The visitors experience over 3,000 objects, superb simulators, multimedia shows and interactive platforms in an exhibition area of some 20,000 m². Experience unique attractions such as the Filmtheatre (a 3D cinema), the Planetarium, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, the Swiss Arena (a walk-on 200 m² high-resolution aerial photo of Switzerland).

The Swiss Museum of Transport is a place of discovery and activity, the large outdoor area complete with lake and playing facilities makes it an experience whatever the weather. Switzerland’s biggest and most state-of-the-art planetarium offers a 360-degree flight to the stars, while cutting-edge communication trends await in Media Word, such as virtual reality. A multimedia journey through the Swiss Chocolate Adventure shows how the cocoa bean is made into the famous Swiss chocolate.

The Swiss Chocolate Adventure is a theme world that allows the visitor to experience a fascinating journey and learn about the discovery, origin, production and transport of chocolate.

Including Museum (Incl. Media World), Filmtheatre, (daily movies), Planetarium, (daily movies), Chocolate Adventure, Media World

** Holder of Swiss Travel Pass

Opening hours

Summer: 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs II Winter: 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs


Any refunds or claims will be done in India against presentation of this voucher within 15 days of service offered with 15% cancellation. Our liability is limited to maximum amount charged against this voucher.

Price Table

Category Adult Child (6-15) Infant (<6y)
Museum inc. Media World 32 14 Free
Chocolate Adventure 16 8 8
Day Pass* 56 26 12
Day Pass with STP** 40 19 12

** All prices are in CHF.


Adult - Chocolate Adventure CHF 16
Child (6-15) - Chocolate Adventure CHF 8
Infant (<6y) - Chocolate Adventure CHF 8
Adult - Day Pass CHF 56
Child (6-15) - Day Pass CHF 26
Infant (<6y) - Day Pass CHF 12
Adult - Day Pass with STP CHF 40
Child (6-15) - Day Pass with STP CHF 19
Infant (<6y) - Day Pass with STP CHF 12
Adult - Museum inc. Media World CHF 32
Child (6-15) - Museum inc. Media World CHF 14
Infant (<6y) - Museum inc. Media World CHF Free
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Product Name Product Price
CHF16 INR 1553