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Bernina Express

  • A fascinatingly different travel experience. Only three railway systems around the globe are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. Both Switzerland and India are home to one of them. Get onboard a breathtaking journey through the Swiss Alps. Along the UNESCO World Heritage – whether aboard the Bernina Express, traveling from glaciers to palm trees; or on the Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world – a myriad of highlights awaits you!


Any refunds or claims will be done in India against presentation of this voucher within 15 days of service offered with 15% cancellation. Our liability is limited to maximum amount charged against this voucher.

Operational days

Reservation Cost with Swiss Travel Pass
Train From Chur to Tirano: EUR 15 per person
Bus From Tirano to Lugano : EUR 12 per person

** All Prices in EUR II Transaction fee of EUR 3.54 including GST is applicable per person per sector.


Train from Chur to Tirano CHF 15
Bus from Tirano to Lugano CHF 12
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Product Name Product Price
EUR15 INR 1360