Does Red Bull give you wings? Then pack your bags for Austria. A fan of Mozart? Even better!
Whether you are an unsure traveler or a trailblazing bagpacker, the surreal Austrian composition will command your attention. A bouquet of experiences await as you zigzag through the stylish streets of Vienna, the baroque splendour of Salzburg, the beautiful snowbound peaks, and traditional Tyrolean hospitality of Innsbruck, it’ll be hard to choose. Austrians are unique for their rustic take on life, whilst enjoying the green glacial valleys and snow-capped peaks. It’s like jumping into a postcard with the chalets dotted all over the country. You could be in the heart of modern Vienna and find yourself surrounded by vintage cathedrals. Hungry for some adrenaline rush? Head for the hills and ski down the snow filled Alpine slopes, undoubtedly its biggest draw. In the summer, it’s best to explore the countryside. The nearly 20000 vineyards will offer you some of the finest wine you can lay your hands..err lips on. A journey through Austria and you are sure to growl “I’ll be back” like its famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger aka the Terminator!

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