Welcome to Eurocursions….to unravel the mysteries of travel!

“Life is to be experienced and lived….and how do we say that we have lived a fulfilling life? The answer lies in travel! And make no mistake it is not only travel for the sake of it…travel is the platform where we rediscover ourselves, a time when we truly retrospect and uncover new things about what we really like…..Travel gives us an opportunity to experience life”

So here is the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of travel….and thereby the mysteries of a fulfilling life!

Eurocursions started on the 1st of December 2014 in New Delhi. Through our hard work and dedication we gained our credibility. Its been amazing 3 years and with the support of the professional / trained consultants, we as a team have delivered the best to our clients and have established a trusted name in the travel fraternity.

We are a team of dynamic professionals with over 20 years of industry experience in the retail outbound market. With a combination of best practices, smart technology and human intelligence, we shall provide an unprecedented level of planning your travel and help you make the most suitable choices from amongst our plethora of offerings.

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DESTINATIONS – OUTBOUND: Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Finland | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Portugal | Slovenia | Spain | Switzerland | United Kingdom

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A dedicated team of experts is a click or call away. We strongly believe that in your comfort lies our success. Try us to make your trip fun, safe, economical, luxurious, informative, comfortable and of course memorable.

Amit Talwar


Over 20 years of experience and has tremendous expertise on Europe & UK with a long standing experience with Swiss Air, Switzerland Tourism, Swiss International Air Lines, Swisstours, Switzerland Destination Marketing, EuroSwiss Global and now working towards realizing his dream of offering Eurocursions as a one stop shop providing the right tools to manufacture a perfect holiday.

Monika Walter


Over 20 years of experience and splendid knowhow of Europe & UK with an enduring experience with TCI, Switzerland Tourism, Swisstours, Switzerland Destination Marketing, EuroSwiss Global and now powering Eurocursions with the knowledge and expertise as essentials to craft the right products for our patrons in this ever demanding industry.

Kumar Saurabh


With hands-on experience in execution of ground services in Europe and UK for more than 12 years. With his interest in travelling around the globe, he has got himself a flair to be at ease with group handling, while understanding the needs of the traveller. When the hobby becomes profession it brings out the best combination of hard work and expertise. Based out of London UK.

Praveen Singh


Over 11 years of experience with a great deal of professionalism. Heads the FIT Leisure Team specialising in Destinations, Luxury Travel, Creating personalised itineraries & Tailoring luxury holidays to match individual traveler’s needs and special requests and has a long standing experience with companies like Swisstours and EuroSwiss Global.

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